Richard Brookes

Richard Brookes
Saturday Jan20, 2007

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Richard Brookes is a young man with talent and ambition who is determined to make his way in the music industry with his own original material.

He describes himself as Folk / Punk, which may sound like an odd combination, however his songs do reflect the storytelling traditions of folk music and some of the less anarchistic protestations of the punk era so perhaps this is the best way of summing up his art.

Music, melody and a message with some slick guitar playing make his performances very entertaining.

Visit Richard Brookes website at –
Visit the Jesse Malin website – run by Richard Brookes at –

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Produced by – Mike Cooke.

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1. Meet Richard Brookes.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
2 mins 34 secs
Including his track ‘Justice’ as background to the start of the interview.

2. Track 1 – Without You.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
3 mins 50 secs
An original Song.

3. Influences and musical preferences.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
1 min 6 secs

4. Track 2 – Janey don’t lose heart.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
3 mins 53 secs
Cover version of a Bruce Springstein classic.

5. Track 3 – Lonely Days
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
3 mins 16 secs
Another original song.

6. Gigs, recording and websites.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
2 mins 21 secs

7. Track 4 – Hotel Columbia.
MP3 Hi-Fi | MP3 Lo-Fi
4 mins 25 secs
A cover version of a Jesse Malin song.


Readers Comments

9:56:00 PM Monday, January 29, 2007
That was Spectacular squire! You sure know how to play the piano. I own a cafe on the side of a road, may be you could come and play for all the lorry drivers whiles they eat their egg and chips? Rock on Dude x

Tom said:
12:23:00 PM Monday, January 29, 2007
Anyone that knows rich will know how much he loves his music, and from talking to him it is obvious how much passion he has for music and what it means to him. I think he uses it very well to show his feelings and emotions which is what makes his songs so easy to listen to. I hope he gets the chance to make his music more well known and I wish him all the best for the future.

Chris Jones said:
2:45:00 PM Sunday, January 28, 2007
I first heard Rich around three or four years ago, and I was impressed then. I’m even more impressed now though, and I am delighted that Radio Ryedale gave the airtime to showcase this extremely talented singer/songwriter. I wish Rich every success – and I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

lizzy brown said:
6:48:00 PM Tuesday, January 23, 2007
what a great forum for singers! Well done.

Cheryl said:
5:34:00 PM Sunday, January 21, 2007
A genuine, hard working and very talented singer/songwriter who deserves to go far……i would say that, though – i am his mum and very proud of him! Good luck for the future Rich

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