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Thursday Jan25, 2007
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Listen to all the pen pals using the icons above or, if you wish, listen to individual students using the list and translations in English below. We look forward to receiving responses from the students at Des étudiantes au Lycée Feneleon, Lille
Producer: David L Sumner

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1. Peter
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36 secs
Hello My name is Peter. I am an adult student. I have learned French at school during the day with students for three years. France is my passion and I have lots of friends, especially in the Somme. It was necessary for me to learn French because I started a small business in France. I would like to ask this question:
What impact has the Channel Tunnel link and the new “Lille Europe” Railway station had on Lille?
2. Andrew
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52 secs
Hi, My Name is Andrew and I’m 17 years old. I live in Ayton which is a village near my school.
I like languages because they are very interesting. Also I speak English, Spanish and of course French.
I’m crazy about sport, especially basketball. I play for my school team. I’m a forward. We are champions of our regions and we went to the final match in the whole of England.
I would like to propose a match against your team. I think it would be a good match.
What at are your favourite sports and why? Does anyone play for clubs out side school and what do they do? Do you think sport is a good thing for keeping young people out of trouble, like crime, drugs etc? What are the most popular sports in France and Lille?
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54 secs
Hi, I’m Emily and I’m 16. I study French, German, English, Music and Philosophy. Personally, I hardly watch TV, except when there is a good film or documentary which interests me. Therefore, my favourite channel is “Film Four”, a digital channel which has films from all genre – horror, animations, romances – old and new films. It’s full of culture, but it isn’t restricted, it’s free. The other channels interest me sometimes, but I don’t like soap operas or reality TV – I don’t have the time for it.
Is reality TV as popular in France as it is hear in Enngland?
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34 secs
Hello, I’m Lizzie and I’m 17. I study French, Philosophy, Psychology, History and Sociology.
I don’t watch TV. I don’t like it. Personally, I prefer the internet or films. My favourite film is “Reservoir Dogs” by the director Quenin Tarrentino but my favourite French film in “Amelie”. I like it because it’s different and interests me.
Do you like English films, if so, which ones?
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1 min 7 secs
Lucie and Sophie
L. Hello I’m Lucie. I live in a town called Kirkbymoorside on the border of the North York Moors. I moved house from the south of England in June.
S. Hello, my name is Sophie and I am sixteen years old. I live in the middle of the countryside, near a village which is called Wintringham.
L. We have many big films that have come out this year, In England the films were ‘Superman Returns’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 2’, (with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightly ) ‘Casino Rayale’ (the new James Bond is Daniel Craig – we think he is a very good Bond) and ‘The History Boys’ by Alan Benneyy with Richard Griffiths.
S. Also, there is a culture of films that are craetive and intellectual. For example. ‘The Prestige’, ‘Brick’, ‘God Night and Good Luck’ and ‘Syriana, the last two both with George Clooney. The most famous actors this year are Daniel Craig, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Kiera Knightly, Bbrandon Roum and Joseph Gordon Levitt.
L. Have any of these films come out in France yet?
S. Are your favourite films in French or English?
L. Good night
S. Good luck.
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1 min 6 secs
Callum and Natasha C. Hello I’m called Callum
N. and I am called Natasha. We are sixteen years old. We are students at Lady Lumley School. C. In Enland we have five main channels: BBC1, BBC2, ITV,Chahel 4 and Channel 5. Furthermore we have subscription channels. Also you can watch television by satelite when you have a satelite dish and are connected to a cable network. There is competition between channels to attract audience ratings. We have documentaries, news, series, crime programmes and sport and films. N. Certain programmes have an educational value, for example, Countdown’, like in France, but television can destroy conversation and monopolise childrens’ attention. I watch television each night for around two hours. I find it relaxing but I do not want to become moronic! Therefore I avoid programmes which dull peoples’ wits.
Which channels in France are popular with teenagers Are reality TV shows popular i France, if so which?
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43 secs
Chloe and Hayley
Hello I’m Chloe and I’m 17 years old.
H. I’m Hayley and I’m 16 years old. We are students at Lady Lumley’s 6th Form , situated in Pickering.
C. In the area there are lots of things to do in your free time.
H. There is a little cinema where you can see the latest fims. Also, there is a swimming pool.
C. To meet with your friends there are many cafe and pubs.
H. Pickering isn’t far from Scarborough, York where you can go shopping or bowling. C. In my free time I play violin and saxophone and I enjoy shopping in Scarborough.
H. My favourite pastime is, of course, shopping. Also I watch TV and go out with my friends.
C. What is there to do in your area?
H. What do you do in your spare time?
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Samantha and Steff
Sam. Hi, I’m Sam and I am 17 years old. I live in a village near Scarborough, which is in th North of England. I go to College at Pickering and I study French, Psychology, Art and Economics.
Steff. I’m Steff andI’m 16 years old. study French, DT, Psychology and Art which is my favourite subject.
The journeys to college are quite long because I take the bus and it takes 1 hour. THis journey is very boring if one doen’t have an MP3 player or games. So I have an MP3 player to listen to music. Now a lot of people use MP3 players and there is also the MP4 player which allows people to watch films and access the internet. There is a lot of choice when you wantto buy an MP3 player and this devise is very popular with young people in England.
Steff. At Lady Lumley’s, the internet has a major influence on our homework, for research, for example, and preparing for exams. However, instead instant messenger or MSN, is more important for the majority because we are on the internet a lot of the time and it’s another good distraction from our work. Als, you v=can talk with people who have moved schools or live in a different country. It’s very good for me because I am not very good a French, andI have two frinds on MSN who I talk with to perfect my grammer.
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Hannah and Kattie
H. Hello,. My name is Hannah and I a 17. I study French and German
K. and I am Katie. I am 17. I study French, German, Maths and Psychology. We will talk about going out at night. We live in a small town called Pickering
H. There is not a lot to do at night. There was a cinema but it has been closed for refurbishing.
K. Now we only have pubs and a new wine bar
H. There is a good atmoshere in all of the pubs especially at the weekend when they are full. Because there isn’t a lot to do, most people go to Scarborough which is a quite big town on the ooast, 25km fromPickering, where you can go bowling or to the night clubs.
What do you do at night. I there a lot of activity for teenagers?

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